Strategic Planning Survey

In 2013, United Way of Genesee County (UWGC) initiated a major effort to ensure that it uses contributors' dollars (a) to deliver high priority assistance to people in need and (b) to help ensure Genesee County's long-tem economic vitality. This process involved an examination of every aspect of UWGC including; service to the community, governance and management processes.  Rather than questioning past practices, the initiative was an acknowledgement that changing times require new ways of thinking and new approaches, and that strategies that had previously worked well could be ineffective going forward. 
"Relevance," however is a journey, not a destination.  It is important for UWGC to continually evaluate its work and previous changes to identify continual adjustments.  Toward that end, UWGC has initiated a strategic process to ensure that the momentum established over the last several years is not only maintained, but enhanced.        
This survey is an important part of the strategic process.  Your opinion matters and the results of this survey will be carefully considered by our Board of Directors and Senior Team in positioning UWGC for maximum relevance and service in the years immediately ahead.  
Thank you very much for your time and interest.  The survey should not take more than 15 minutes and your participation will be very important to us.  Please take a moment to complete survey by 9:00 p.m., Monday May 8th.

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