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Committed to Senior Independence, Health Access and Youth Violence Prevention

Providing seniors with enriched independent living in their personal home improves their quality of life. Giving children opportunities to let their imaginations grow in safe environments, while connecting them to physical health services, gives them the tools to shape our future.

Community Condition:

  • The annual cost for private room nursing home care is $115,158. Most seniors are unable to pay this yearly fee, forcing them to live in shared rooms with people unfamiliar to them. 
  • The National Recreation & Park Association standards for park amenities indicate the City of Flint is short 36 playgrounds for a community of its size.
  • 54% of children only receive Medicaid level health insurance.
  • Out of 83 counties in Michigan, Genesee ranks second to last (82) in health outcomes. 
  • US Health Resources and Services Administration issued Genesee County a medically. Underserved score of 42 (highest need score is 0 with the lowest need 100).
  • Genesee ranks 82 out of 83 counties 

 2019/2020 Impact Grants:

  • Communication Access Center (Understand Clear)
  • Family Service Agency of Mid Michigan (In-Home Eldercare)
  • Jewish Community Services (Senior Caring Committee Outreach)
  • Valley Area Agency on Aging (KISS, Keeping Independent Seniors Safe)
  • Greater Flint Health Coalition (CHAP) 

UWGC Programs

In addition to providing grants to nonprofit organizations, the UWGC operates its own programs that promote healthy and safe independent living:

  • Flint Recovery Corps places AmeriCorps members in Flint organizations to address long-term needs of residents related to the water crisis. 
  • Flint Urban Safety Corps, a program of the United Way of Genesee County and the University of Michigan-Flint, places AmeriCorps members  in Flint neighborhoods to address the environmental contributors to crime, resultling in crime reduction, community building and blight elimination.
  • UAW and United Way Ramp Program responds to requests from disabled and elderly citizens who need wheelchair accessibility for their home. At minimal costs to the resident, UAW/GM and United Way volunteers construct more residential ramps than any other organization in Genesee County.
  • The Bone Marrow Program began in 1992 to recruit life-saving volunteer donors to the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Since this partnership began, over 17,000 donors from our community have been added to the NMDP.
  • Flint Kids Play is a partnership with Make an Impact Foundation, City of Flint, Miracle equipment, FOX66, and The Foundation for Flint to provide safe environments for kids to play by way of new playgrounds. Since its launch in 2016 the UWGC has built 11 playgrounds throughout the City.
  • Our Youth Recreation Initiative uses Community Development Block Grant dollars, administered by the City of Flint, to provide mini-grants to small neighborhood recreational programs. Organizations like Battle Cats Wrestling, FWC Berston Boxing, Flint Inner City Youth Hockey, New Direction Youth Program, Evergreen Community Development Youth Initiative and Flint Area United Soccer Program have all received grants up to $10,000 to purchase sports equipment for children of all ages.