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Genesee Serves

Genesee Serves, a program of the United Way of Genesee County, is a volunteer center that connects volunteers directly to volunteer opportunities. The goal is to create a positive impact in Genesee County by encouraging all to serve. We firmly believe there is a role and a pathway for everyone to serve. There are organizations looking for volunteers to serve anywhere from the classroom to the boardroom. There are volunteer opportunities ranging from one-time opportunities to year long national service positions. Genesee Serves has several components that offer everyone a chance to be successful in finding volunteer opportunities. 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fall For For-Mar- Genesee Serves is hosting a volunteer event on August 29th at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum. We need volunteers to come out and help with three different projects that will be taking place throughout the grounds at For-Mar that day. If you are interested in learning more about this event or signing up to volunteer please click here
Genesee Serves Website

For Volunteers

The Genesee Serves website is a great way to explore all of the volunteer opportunities in Genesee County. There are opportunities for youth, elderly, families or groups to serve. Volunteers can search for opportunities catered to their interests. The website will also send out notifications when new opportunities are posted. 

For Organizations

The Genesee Serves website is a great tool for organizations to recruit volunteers. Not only will your organization be able to post volunteer opportunities on the website, it will also be able to interact with volunteers and track volunteer engagement. 

Service in a Box

Another major component of Genesee Serves is Service-in-a-box. This is a great tool for corporations or classrooms to get involved in volunteering. We send out the instructions for the project to your workplace or school, and you get to volunteer.

We will soon be launching the following projects:

  • Birthday Boxes
  • Sensory Bottles
  • Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener
  • Kitty Litter 

More information coming soon!


Genesee Serves offers training sessions to organizations. These trainings go through how to utilize our website, www.GeneseeServes.org and how to recruit and engage volunteers. 

Days of Service

Genesee Serves participates in days of service throughout the day. We recently participated in Global Youth Service Day, and Comcast Cares Day. 

More information coming soon!  You can see the full volunteer center by clicking this here!
Questions? Contact Rachel Wenzlick, Volunteer Coordinator, at 810.762.5823 or rwenzlick@unitedwaygenesee.org.