Serve Now

What does it mean to serve?

AmeriCorps members typically serve at a site, which may be one of several sites served by a local AmeriCorps grantee or sponsor organization. AmeriCorps members are assigned to a specific project, like a mentoring program or environmental project, and are not "interns" or "volunteers" at the organizations who can fulfill any old task like getting coffee or making copies. In AmeriCorps, you will MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 


"Being a national service member has changed my life! Through my service, I have discovered a passion for heping others find joy in volunteering. My service has changed the way I live my life. National service rejuvinated my spirit and set me on a completely different path for my future that I am looking greatly forward to."




Member Benefits 

AmeriCorps members typically receive:

  • Living stipend (amount may vary, but it's usually approximately $12,000 for a full year)
  • $5,815 education award (may be used for educational loans or current/future expenses of members, children, or grandchildren)
  • Health coverage
  • Childcare coverage if eligible
  • Training and professional development
  • Some members may be eligible for coverage of relocation costs



Apply Now! 

Flint, MI has a robust culture of national service. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, so what are you waiting for?

The following national service positions are now accepting applications:

Are you looking for a way to serve your community this summer? By becoming a Summer Associate VISTA, you will have the chance to see what AmeriCorps is all about and make an impact. Interested? APPLY NOW! Applications are due May 20th. 

We have opportunties available at the following places:


Are you passionate about helping families secure safe, affordable housing? APPLY NOW!

​Find out more about Genesee County Habitat for Humanity by clicking here and more about Michigan Habitat's AmeriCorps program by clicking here.

Are you passionate about helping improve our schools and help students and families reach their full potential? APPLY NOW!

Find the opportunity that is your best fit, or if you aren't sure which one is right for you, email Elizia ( to learn more about all of the positions. 

Available positions:

- Family Engagement - VISTA

- Community Coordinator - AmeriCorps State

- Education Coordinator - AmeriCorps State

- Physical Activity Coordinator - AmeriCorps State

​Find out more about the Flint Community Schools Corps by clicking here

Are you passionate about helping kids reach their full potential through physical education and sports-based youth development? APPLY NOW!

​Find out more about Coach Across America by clicking here

Are you passionate about parks, neighborhood revitalization, community engagement and other aspects of helping Flint become a stronger community? APPLY NOW!

​Find out more about the City of Flint Master Plan by clicking here

Are you passionate about fighting blight, neighborhood revitalization, and community engagement? APPLY NOW

Want to check out an article on the Flint Urban Safety Corps Blight Squad? Click here. 

Click here to read about how Flint Urban Safety Corps participated in alternate spring break.

Learn about one of our memebers by clicking here.  

​Find out more about the Flint Urban Safety Corps by clicking here.