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Why United Way?

The easiest way to LIVE UNITED is to make an Investment in our Community

A financial gift to United Way of Genesee County affects the lives of thousands, because United Way is dedicated to supporting programs and activities that focus on long-term changes that benefit everyone – including you. You can LIVE UNITED by GIVING, ADVOCATING or VOLUNTEERING. It takes an entire community to make a difference.
Thank you!

Why United Way?

The Power of Leverage. For each dollar given to the United Way Campaign, two additional dollars are invested in our community: These funds are from leveraged dollars, local, regional, national foundations, federal grants, and other designated gifts. In 2015 the Total Community Impact was more than $14 million.

The Dollars Invested Here Stay in Genesee County. United Way has annual dues that are less than half of 1 percent of its total annual budget. In return for these dues, it receives training, materials, consulting, and the largest network for fund development and community impact in the world.

All Investment Decisions are made by Local Volunteers. The Board of Directors and Investment Cabinet are made up of local community leaders. They receive no compensation for their services.

One Gift to the United Way is a Gift to All. The United Way supports 150 local programs serving over 70,000 individuals annually.  It is the only community wide payroll deduction driven campaign that supports a wide range of community strategies to assist our most vulnerable citizens.

Our Operations are Fully Transparent.  If you have a questions about how the United Way operates, just ask representatives from the organization.