Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps

Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps (FUSHC) AmeriCorps members are placed with Flint-area nonprofits and other community organizations under the direction of a host site supervisor. Members provide direct service in the areas of food security and nutrition, behavioral and developmental health, early education, crime prevention, and medical management.

FUSHC Summer Corps People sitting on dumpster smiling

Use your summer to make a difference! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to commit to a summer of service in Flint. Summer Corps Members will be organization neighborhood clean-ups, supporting beautification projects, and creating safer neighborhoods through crime prevention initiatives. Ready to make our community safer and healthier? 

Summer Service Term: May 9th - July 29th


  • Living Allowance: $4,000
  • Education Award for Loans or Tuition: $1,718.25
  • COVID-19 Housing Bonus: $200
  • COVID-19 End of Service Award: $125
  • Professional Development 
  • AmeriCorps Alumni Network

Looking for more information about how you can commit to a summer of service with FUSHC? Fill out our interest form here!

About Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps

The Flint Water Crisis looms large in our community, and in its aftermath many Flint citizens are still grappling with the continuing, or unknown physical, emotional, and psychological effects of contaminated drinking water.  These effects are lasting, and it will take a concerted effort to overcome what are often debilitating residual consequences. In addition to the direct effects of the water crisis, the problems of lead poisoning, population loss and blight have resulted in patchwork neighborhoods where communication between neighbors is minimal and as a consequence the opportunity for crime to occur is elevated.

While the data and situation can be sobering, the way forward is clear. Flint residents, need access to service and information focusing in crime prevention, blight clean up, nutritional support, early education, behavioral and developmental health services, and management of their medical future. Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps (FUSHC) was formed to reduce crime, increase overall health all while engaging neighborhood residents to improve neighborhoods. The program focuses on the entire city of Flint when providing services around water crisis recovery, including health and crime prevention. 

2021-2022 Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps Host Sites

Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps Full-Time Member Benefits

  • $16,000 Living Stipend
  • $6,095 Education Award for successful completion of service
  • $1,000 COVID-19 Mid-Term Housing Bonus
  • $500 COVID-19 End of Service Award
  • Health Coverage
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Childcare Assistance

Flint Urban Safety and Health Corps Member Activities

  • Connect community members with resources related to water crisis recovery
  • Lead workshops, classes, or orientations on topics related to water crisis recovery
  • Recruit volunteers for Host Site 
  • Support Host Site activities related to water crisis recovery
  • Adheres to program and host site policies and procedures