Board Resolution

WHEREAS, racism is a public health crisis that requires undeniable attention and commitment in order to create a society and environment that promotes racial equity and justice for all people. 

WHEREAS, racism is pervasive and entrenched in the design and function of our society, and is exhibited in many forms (e.g. conscious and unconscious bias or discrimination, among others) and levels of life and society (e.g. individual, social, institutional, systemic, and more). 

The United Way of Genesee County, Serving Genesee & Shiawassee County herby adopt the following public statement and actions addressing race and equity: 
We condemn racism and oppression toward black, indigenous, and all people of color. We are working to create a just and equitable society where everyone can thrive. Through the following actions: 

Local Partnership Commitment: 
Work in collaboration with local funders including the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and Ruth Mott Foundation around three core approaches to create systematic change in our community 

  • Increase Investment: Lean into the expertise of black, brown, indigenous, and all people of color led organizations to effectively serve their constituencies by increasing philanthropic investments in them. 
  • Retain Leadership and Develop Talent: Be open to supporting nontraditional leadership models that grow out of our Black, Brown, and other underserved and underrepresented communities. 
  • Collect Data: Without specific demographic data, we cannot understand the full extent of disparities and racial biases in funding. As funders, it is our responsibility to help collect, understand and share data so we can invest equitably in a community where everyone counts. 

United Way Team / Staff Driven Work: 
The UW employee team will develop a set of written objectives addressing the following 

  • Equity Project Support outside competitive grant-making 
  • Grant-making and Community Leadership Measurements 
  • Development 
  • Marketing and Communications