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Fiscal Sponsorship

Helping Nonprofits Succeed

Your United Way serves as the fiscal sponsor for 10 local organizations/initiatives. What does this mean? Why is this so important?

When United Way agrees to become the fiscal sponsor for a program, that program is helped in two ways. First, the program can take advantage of United Way’s status with the IRS (501c3). This standing is a requirement that all nonprofits must meet in order to do any fund-raising for their program. Second, United Way has the built-in capacity to efficiently provide financial services for the organizations we sponsor. This is obviously a great cost savings for our sponsored programs and enables them to direct more of their funds to actually providing service to the community.

A few highlights from our fiscal sponsorship programs:

  • Flint Area Reinvestment Office assists public, private and nonprofit organizations with successfully attracting federal and state resources for the Flint area. This includes identifying federal and state funding opportunities and facilitating efforts to explore those funding opportunities with local organizations. In addition, FARO helps to develop collaborative projects that tie to attracting federal and state funding.
  • Flint National Service Accelerator Initiative and Fund were created through a grant from the C.S. Mott Foundation. Through this additional technical assistance, outreach, program development and funding, more Genesee organizations are taking on the area’s toughest challenges through volunteerism.

UWGC currently provides Fiscal Sponsorships services to the following:

  • Flint Area Reinvestment Office
  • Flint National Service Accelerator
  • Flint Police Foundation – Community Radio Patrol
  • Friends of Berston
  • FWC Berston Boxing
  • New McCree Theatre
  • Raise it Up!

Credibility and fiscal responsibility are amazing powers in nonprofit operations. The United Way brand signifies the power of integrity, influence and sustainability. Many organizations have utilized the United Way brand to ensure matching funds, public recognition and promotions.

“United Way has been a good partner as a funder, specifically because they work with a lot of agencies as a fiscal partner,” stated Raquel Thueme, Program Director with Ruth Mott Foundation RMF. “This credibility allows them to partner with community organizations. Ruth Mott Foundation provides grants to the United Way and they work with organizations to make sure that programs funded are fulfilled. We work closely with them to carry out the purpose of the grant.”