How are Flint Water Fund donations being used?

The United Way of Genesee County began accepting donations in late September 2015. As of April 2, 2018 this fund has raised $4,556,515. 100% of the fund is used for these projects and no Administrative Fee is assessed.  The United Way audit which documents, by independent auditors, the no administrative fee can be found here audit (page 8). Below is a list of how the United Way has used these funds through April 2, 2018.

On April 7, 2018, following the MDEQ release of water quality data, the State of Michigan announced the discontinued resource of bottled water for Flint residents. The United Way of Genesee County (UWGC) believes everyone has a right to clean safe drinking water. The most sustainable and long-lasting source for Flint residents to access clean safe water, until all the pipes are replaced, is sink filter usage. The United Way encourages residents to contact CORE (810.238.6700) for filter education and replacement unit needs.

While the UWGC encourages the use of filters, it also recognizes many residents rely on bottled water as their clean water source. Therefore, beginning April 9, 2018 the UWGC will use all funds raised through its Flint Water Fund for the purchase and distribution of bottled water; filtration devices (other than those provided by the State of Michigan); and, supporting health access initatives to combat the effects of lead in children. The United Way will use 100% of these funds and future funds raised for this purpose with no Administrative Fee assessed.

The UWGC hopes to provide a handful of semi-trucks of water per week to help residents most in need. Purchased water will be delivered to the three community Help Centers – Greater Holy Temple, Asbury United Methodist and Bethel United Methodist – via the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. It will take a while for water trucks to be sourced and delivered to the Help Centers. Once sourced, the Food Bank will establish specific dates water will be available at the Help Centers until funds have been expended. You can find more detail on the Help Centers here.

Dollars used September – December 2015 (pre-declaration) Totaling $273,570:
• The United Way directly purchased more than 11,000 filters systems and 5,000 replacement filters.
• Food Bank of Eastern Michigan for water purchases

Dollars used January 2017 – April 2, 2018 totaling $4,229,254:
• American Red Cross
• Catholic Charities
• Child Care Network
• Church Without Walls
• Communication Access Center (2 requests)
• Community Resolution Center
• Crim Fitness Foundation
• Flint Child Health and Development Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint (multiple gifts based on donor requests)
• Flint Housing Commission (2 requests)
• Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (multiple requests)
• Genesee County Catholic Schools
• Genesee County Emergency Operations Center
• Genesee County Health Department
• Genesee County Hispanic Latino Collaborative
• Greater Flint Health Coalition
• Genesee Intermediate School District (2 requests)
• Mass Transportation Authority
• Mt Carmel / Baptist State Convention
• NOW Ministries
• Our Lady of Guadalupe
• Salvation Army
• Second Chance Church (2 requests)
• WOW Outreach
• Greater Holy Temple (2 requests)
• Universal Kidney Foundation
• North Central Church of Christ (2 requests)
• Genesee County Community Collaborative
• Boys and Girls of Greater Flint
• Veterans of Now (3 requests)
• Fairhaven Church (2 requests)
• Genesee Health Plan (4 requests)
• Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (2 requests)
• Latinos United for Flint
• Shelter of Flint
• Fresh Flint Festival – First Presbyterian Church (2016 & 2017 festivals)
• Flint First Church of the Brethren
• Asbury Community Development Corporation
• Joy Tabernacle / Flint Grassroots Initiative (2 requests)
• Neighborhood Engagement Hub
• Whaley Children’s Center
• Help Centers by way of Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
• Old News Boys
• Genesee County Habitat for Humanity (2 requests)
• Shelter of Flint – Relocation assistance for Lakeside and Ballenger Manor Apartment residents
• City of Flint – FACT Outreach Committee
• GCCARD (water assistance payments)
• Genesee County Medical Society (2 requests)
• 9 churches providing home delivery service for the access and functional needs program
• Hamilton Community Health Network
• Arab American Heritage Council

• Public and Charter Schools within the City of Flint


o 100,000 bus passes for organizations within the Flint Recovery Group to distribute to individuals needing transportation to resources that help them work through the water crisis.
o Babies wipes, adult wipes, ZeroWater pitchers, bottle openers, and hand sanitizer for organizations within Flint Recovery Group to distribute.
o Hand warmers for volunteers
o Lead exposure, prevention and intervention documents for Genesee County Health Department and Hurley Pediatric Clinic to disseminate to their clients
o Medicaid enrollment education documents – English, Spanish, Arabic and ASL