Flint Community School Corps

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In 2013, the City of Flint adopted their first new Master Plan in over 50 years. The new plan utilizes unprecedented use of strategic community engagement and input. Community Education was on the top of the priorities for all residents of the City of Flint. As the lead agency for Community Education, the Crim Fitness Foundation has utilized AmeriCorps service as a core strategy to ensure student success is at the forefront of Community Education. AmeriCorps service members support success mentoring, physical activity programs, education activities, partner & volunteer engagement, and family engagement.

Student Success Coordinator

Flint Community School Corps members provide direct service to students and families through the Community Education Initiative. The Student Success Coordinator position is a Half-Time or Reduced Full-Time role administering during- and after-school interventions - specifically Success Mentoring, academic supports and college positive mentoring - to ensure that students are successfully completing each grade, graduating from 12th grade on time, and are prepared for a post- secondary option. Members serve alongside teachers, school administrators, and other National Service members to implement academic enrichment.

Community Resource Developer

The Community Resource Developer AmeriCorps VISTA position focuses on community partnerships, volunteer engagement, and developing resources for the community education initiative. VISTA's ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty though capacity building.

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